A Revised Process for PNCIMA Planning

In September, 2011, Fisheries and Oceans Canada decided to revise the planning process for the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area to ensure that the process is completed on schedule by December 2012  and that it results in an integrated management plan that is sustainable and effective.  The resulting plan will be focused on establishing a strategic, ecosystem-based plan. This plan will:
  • establish goals and objectives that provide common guidance to management in the area;
  • identify priorities for oceans management in the area;
  • respond to stakeholder interests in the integration of planning processes; and
  • inform other marine planning initiatives. 

The plan will include the following key elements:
  1. Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) principles, goals, & objectives
  2. Identification of features or components of the area that are of particular significance or value (economic, socio-cultural, ecological)
  3. Risk-based approach to identifying priorities for further management attention
  4. Strategy is to coordinate and integrate marine planning processes, including advancement of marine protected area network planning
  5. Provisions for implementation and adaptive management that will outline next steps and how to adjust based on what we learn
In light of this new approach, Fisheries and Oceans Canada withdrew from the Project Support Memorandum of Understanding Tides Canada regarding the Pacific North Coast Integrated Oceans Management Area planning process.