The Atlas of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area is a reference document comprised of a large selection of maps and accompanying text relevant to the PNCIMA planning process.

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Hard copies of the atlas are available for reference in public and post-secondary libraries throughout the PNCIMA region, other major libraries, and at the offices of governments and organizations involved in the PNCIMA planning process.

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Map 1 Geographic Extent of Information
Map 2 Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area


Map 3 First Nation Communities
Map 4 Regional Districts and Communities
Map 5 Ports, Marinas and Small Craft Harbours
Map 6 Population Figures


Map 7 Bathymetry
Map 8 Undersea and Geographic Features
Map 9 Sea Surface Currents


Map 10 Watershed Boundaries and Major Drainages
Map 11 Salmon Stream Escapement Observations


Map 12 Estuaries
Map 13 Areas of Marine Protection
Map 14 Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas
Map 15 Eelgrass Distribution
Map 16 Kelp Distribution
Map 17 Sponge and Coral Important Areas
Map 18 Sea Otter and Pinniped Important Areas
Map 19 Grey, Sperm and Humpback Whale Important Areas
Map 20 Blue, Sei and Fin Whale Important Areas
Map 21  Killer Whale Important Areas and Critical Habitat
Map 22 Leatherback Turtle Important Areas
Map 23  Important Bird Areas
Map 24 Herring and Eulachon Important Areas
Map 25 Tanner Crab Important Areas
Map 26 Manila Clam and Razor Clam Important Areas


Map 27 Pacific Fishery Management Areas
Map 28 Cumulative Groundfish Trawl Fishery Effort
Map 29 Cumulative Outside ZN Fishery Effort
Map 30 Cumulative Groundfish Schedule II Fishery Effort
Map 31  Cumulative Halibut Fishery Effort
Map 32  Cumulative Sablefish Trap Fishery Effort
Map 33 Cumulative Sablefish Longline Fishery Effort
Map 34 Cumulative Salmon Seine Fishery Effort
Map 35 Cumulative Salmon Gillnet Fishery Effort
Map 36  Cumulative Salmon Troll Fishery Effort
Map 37 Herring Fishery Stock Assessment Areas
Map 38 Cumulative Sea Cucumber Fishery Effort
Map 39 Cumulative Red Sea Urchin Fishery Effort
Map 40 Cumulative Green Sea Urchin Fishery Effort
Map 41 Cumulative Geoduck Fishery Effort
Map 42 Cumulative Crab Fishery Effort
Map 43 Cumulative Shrimp Trawl Fishery Effort
Map 44 Cumulative Prawn Fishery Effort


Map 45 Fishing Lodges


Map 46 Finfish Aquaculture Tenures
Map 47 Shellfish Aquaculture Tenures

Due to the nature of the Provincial dataset used, these maps may not display all aquaculture sites. The BCMCA atlas presents additional sites for finfish and shellfish.


Map 48 Renewable Ocean Energy Potential: Tidal and Wave
Map 49 Renewable Ocean Energy Potential: Wind
Map 50 Renewable Energy Sites: Tenures and Applications
Map 51 Sedimentary Basins
Map 52 Oil and Gas Exploratory Wells and Tenures


Map 53 Log Handling and Storage Tenures


Map 54 Mining Sites


Map 55 Disposal at Sea Sites


Map 56 Areas of Refuge for Vessels in Distress

Map 57 Passenger Ferry Routes
Map 58 All Vessel Traffic Density
Map 59 Oil Tanker Vessel Traffic Density (Summer)
Map 60 Oil Tanker Vessel Traffic Density (Winter)
Map 61  Fishing Industry Vessel Traffic Density (Summer)
Map 62 Fishing Industry Vessel Traffic Density (Winter)
Map 63 Cruise Ship Traffic Density (Summer)

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